Covid-19: How We Can Help You Prepare

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 many industries and businesses have been busy implementing strategies that will help slow the spread of the virus. Many of our customers in the education, manufacturing, healthcare, and penile industries have found that upgrading their drinking fountain and restroom fixtures to touch free options is one of the most effective strategies. Sensor activated faucets, drinking fountains, flush valves, and other touch free components reduce the risk of transmitting the virus as employees, students, patients, and others in the building no longer have to touch as many common surfaces. As a leader in the industry Michigan Supply can you help navigate the myriad of options to find the best fit for your application at a reasonable price. Below are just some of the offerings from our manufacturers.


Acorn Portable Wash Stations

Since 1955 Acorn Engineering has offered a wide range of products including stainless steel sinks, penal fixtures, and safe shower systems. In response to the need for more hand washing stations in many industries they now offer hands free portable Wash-Ware® Sinks.

Portable Wash-Ware hand sinks can quickly and easily be placed in any location, indoors or out wherever hand washing is needed.

Multiple hands free options are available, from foot pedal to sensor, in both their Deluxe and Eco Portable Options.

Multiple configurations include an on-board reservoir for off-grid capabilities, hose hookup for uninterrupted use, and multiple accessories to meet any of your needs. The Deluxe version comes fully assembled, you only need to supply and install the faucet. Find our more here or contact your Michigan Supply representative for more information.

Murdock Wash-N-Go!® Hand Washing Stations and H2O-To-Go!TM Bottle Fillers

Michigan Supply has been very happy with the product offering from Murdock coolers and we have sold hundreds over the past few years. Now, to help combat the spread of Covid-19, they are offering 5 hand washing station options, two bottle filling stations, and a newly redesigned hands free water cooler drinking fountain.

"The Deluxe Wash-N-Go! unit features a sanitary, sensor-operated faucet, sleek stainless steel finish, and stylish modern lines. It’s the ideal choice for institutions that care about their aesthetics while still providing a convenient solution to hand washing needs." The back splashes can be customized with custom colors or even a logo. There is also an option to add a Chronomite Instant flow ® C-Micropoint-of-use Thermostatic Tatic Tankless Water Heater.

The EZ-Wash-N-Go Indoor hygienic sensor hand washing station is perfect for both new construction and retrofit models as it comes with a universal mountain bracket. "The sensor J-spout faucet eliminates the germs associated with a shared push button, and the stainless steel construction makes the unit both durable and easy to clean and sanitize—ideal for high-traffic areas"

Murdock also just introduced a new water cooler option with a sensor underneath the cooler to prevent accidental discharge when somebody walks in front of the unit. The unit is offered in stainless steel or granite finish to match your existing units and can have a H2O-To-Go! Touch-Free Bottle Filler and filter kit added for more convivence. The H20-To-Go! Touch Free Bottle Fillers are designed with lighter aesthetics and LED lighting, an optional bottle counter display, will provide and endless supply of purified water while allowing the re-use of plastic bottles, eliminating waste.

Sloan Touch-Free Faucets, Flush Valves, Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers, and More

Sloan has long been a hose hold name in commercial valves and faucets and now they are able to take on Covid-19 with a huge line of proven technology. Sloan can meet your needs whether it is retrofitting flush valves or replacing a bathroom vanity with their Aer-Dec system Michigan Supply can help guide you through the many options of which we just scratch the surface in this article.


Sloan offers three retrofit models for their existing flush-o-meters; a top mount, a side mount, and an over the handle mounting system. Top Mount Retrofit Options

"The SOLIS retrofit delivers a power-harvesting solution, while the ECOS retrofit provides 30 percent water savings with a reduced flush. Both of these models provide dual- and single-flush options. Sloan's best-selling G2 Flushometer is equipped with an electronic override for a courtesy flush, while the Sloan MC features an all-metal cover design. Each option delivers up to at least six years of battery life."

Side Mount Retrofits

"These retrofit options replace the handle assembly. Sloan's dual-flush side-mount provides 30 percent water savings with a reduced flush, while the single-flush side-mount keeps drain lines clean with an optional 72-hour automated sentinel flush. Each retrofit provides up to a three-year battery life and features a low battery indicator LED light. Also, when retrofitted with a SFSM or DFSM flushometer, these retrofits allow a True Mechanical Override to ensure a manual flush if batteries are low."

Over-The-Handle Retrofits

"Sloan's easiest to install battery-powered infrared sensor retrofit is available for automatic touch-free operation for exposed Sloan urinal and water closet manual diaphragm flushometers. It is installed over the existing handle and provides a True Mechanical Override option."


Also offered by Sloan is Aer-Dec Integrated Sink. This innovative design offers a completely touch free soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer, and basin that work together seamlessly and redirect the air and water to prevent splash back. "The Aer-Dec is the perfect innovation for any high-end restroom."

Chicago Faucet Touchless Sensor Faucets

Chicago is one of the most dependable brands on the market and their touch free faucets are no exception. All of their faucets are "surrounded by heavy-duty brass for unsurpassed performance and durability."

And now new for 2020 is the EVR series of touchless faucets. These faucets are built for high-traffic restrooms with a one piece cast brass body, vandal resistant outlet, and high and long spout reach. The EVR is available with Chicago Faucet's Long Term Power Supply (LTPS), a maintenance free power source that will allow the faucet to operate for 10, 15, or even 30 years depending on the usage. The LTPS requires no additional wiring, no electrician for installation or maintenance, and no periodic battery replacements. Also available is the optional Commander handheld programing unit so you can maintain and monitor your faucet easily. An integrated thermostatic mixing valve rounds this amazing faucet package out making it our number one choice for high traffic faucet replacement.

Zurn Touchless Bundles

Zurn, a leader in faucets since John A. Zurn began manufacturing valves and other plumbing products in a barn behind his mothers house in 1900. Zurn offers a full line of retrofit, performance, and next generation products to meet your needs.

Zurn's next generation group of products feature connected technology delivers actionable insights right to your phone to improve traffic flow, monitor hygiene compliance, and optimize preventative maintenance practices.

Since 1872 Michigan Supply has prided itself on helping our customers succeed, and this was never more important than now as the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps the nation. Our goal is to help you navigate the many options available in order to ensure you are installing the right product for the situation and at the right price. If you are in need of any touchless solutions please feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members for information.

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